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OCCULTATION OF HIP 81295 BY 1125 China

A 3 second occultation was recorded by Stephen Mudge, using a Canon 6D camera and 70-200mm telephoto lens, exposures at 0.4 sec intervals.

One miss was recorded for this event.

View the IOTA update.

  1    S Mudge, Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia
  2(M) J Bradshaw, Samford Valley, Queensland, Australia
  3(P) Prediction- IOTA Feed                



China occultation__ 20160724


The DAMIT model has been plotted to fit the observed chord. The event is a little north of the predicted path, but the miss shows it to be still close.

Absolute timing is not available for the event, as it is not supported by the equipment used.

Observational Data:

Observation details for MP ( 1125 ) China
By Star              HIP HIP81295
On 2016-07-24  at 12:27:28.0


Observer   Stephen Mudge
Location   Indooroopilly, Qld, AU
Longitude  +152:57
Latitude   -27:30
Altitude   0 m
Datum      WGS84
Telescope other - specify below
Aperture    5 cm
Seeing     Slight flickering Clear 
Camera Type  Other - List in Comments     NTSC/EIA      
Camera Delay 
Timing     other Only duration timed
Disappearance  12:27:28.00
Reappearance   12:27:31.16
Comments: Consecutive 0.4 sec exposures done with Canon 6D and 70-200mm telephoto lens @ f/4 and 25600 iso. 
Target star was absent in 4 exposures and fainter in 1 additional exposure Please see email for calculations _______________________________ Observer Jonathan Bradshaw Location Samford Valley, Qld, Australia Longitude +152:50 Latitude -27:22 Altitude 80 m Datum WGS84 Telescope SCT including Cass and Mak Aperture 36 cm Seeing Steady Clear Camera Type Watec 910BD NTSC/EIA Camera Delay Timing GPS - time inserted Video with frame analysis Missed Comments: Report prepopulated by IOTA Reporting Add-in for OW ver.1.8

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