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OCCULTATION OF TYC 6175-01573-1 BY 322 Phaeo
2015 Sept 1

Chris Wyatt observed a two second occultation from near Walcha.

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  1    C Wyatt,Walcha, NSW, AU              
  2(P) Prediction


Phaeo occultation__ 2015 Sept 1


With only a single observed chord, it is not possible to determine if the path of (322) Phaeo passed to the north or south of Chris.

Observational Data:

Observation details for MP ( 322 ) Phaeo
By Star              TYC 6175-01573-1 
On 2015-09-01  at 08:35:00.0


Observer   Chris Wyatt
Location   Walcha
Longitude  +151:34
Latitude   -30:58
Altitude   1090 m
Datum      WGS84
Telescope Dobsonian
Aperture   25 cm
Seeing     Slight flickering Clear 
Camera Type  G-Star         PAL/CCIR      
Camera Delay 
Timing     GPS - time inserted Video with frame analysis
Disappearance  08:35:19.28
Reappearance   08:35:21.24
Comments: Times reduced in Tangra; Integration time of 0.04 sec subtracted from original times. 


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