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OCCULTATION OF [star] BY 11 Parthenope
2014 December 13

A 4.4 second occultation was recorded by Hojatola Hekmat'zade,in Iran, using Visual technique.

No clearly observed misses were recorded for this event.

View the updated IOTA prediction.

  1    H Hekmat'zade,Dezful, Khozestan, Iran
  2(P) Prediction, IOTA 5 Dec               


Parthenope occultation__ 2014 December 13


The circle above is plotted at the expected 150 km diameter of Parthenope. With only one chord it is not possible to determine whether Hojatola was north or south of the central line of the event. However, assuming the updated prediction was approximately correct, the measured chord of about 140km would suggest that it might lie close to the central portion of the asteroid as shown. The DAMIT 3D model has been overlaid on the plot and shows reasonable fit to the 150 km circle.

Observational Data:

Observation details for MP ( 11 ) Parthenope
By Star              HIP HIP65379
On 2014-12-13  at 02:54:23.0


Observer   Hojatola Hekmat'zade
Location   Dezful, Khozestan, Iran
Longitude   +48:25
Latitude   +32:22
Altitude   140 m
Datum      WGS84
Telescope Refractor
Aperture   15 cm
Seeing     Steady Clear none
Camera Type  Visual         Other         
Camera Delay 0.4
Timing     Stopwatch Visual, PE applied
Disappearance  02:54:23.12
Reappearance   02:54:27.52


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