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The tale of a missing star UCAC4-346-104913
2014 May 01

The prediction read "On 2014 May 01 UT, the 58 km diameter asteroid (316) Goberta will occult a 12.4 mag star in the constellation Ophiuchus for observers along a quite uncertain path across South Island New Zealand."

A Two clearly correct fields were recorded for location of UCAC4 346-104913 but there is no star that matches that magnitude although some much fainter objects could be seen.

View the updated prediction.

Graeme McKay, Blenheim, NZ
Dave Herald , Murrumbateman, NSW,AU

Goberta occultation__ 2014 May 01


The image above is the C2A predicted field using UCAC4 catalog. This indicates a Mag 12.3 star at the predicted time.

The two fields below show that actual view on the night.

Herald Field 2014 May 01McKay Field 2014 May 01

Herald Field 2014 May 01 McKay Field 2014 May 01

There are several possible explanations for this.
The original picture that was used to produce the UCAC4 catalog may have seen a transient event.
eg, nova, asteroid, etc,

The problem has been reported to the UCAC team.
This posting is a web note in case any one else searches for the star.

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