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OCCULTATION OF TYC_6876-02323-1 BY 1891 Gonndola
2013 October 09

A 0.8 second occultation was recorded by Peter Nosworthy, using Visual technique.

One clearly observed miss was recorded for this event.

View the updated prediction.

  1(M) D Gault,Kuriwa Observatory, NSW, AU
  2    P Nosworthy,Leura, NSW, Australia
  3(P) Prediction, 15 Sept


Gonndola occultation - 2013 October 09


The circle above is plotted at the expected 18 km diameter of Gonndola. With only one chord and a constraining miss we can be confident of the path of Gonndola and that it was north of the predicted line.

Observational Data:

Observation details for MP ( 1891 ) Gondola
By Star              TYC 6876-02323-1
On 2013-10-09  at 11:20:14.0


Observer   Peter Nosworthy
Location   Leura, NSW, Australia
Longitude  +150:20
Latitude   -33:43
Altitude   903 m
Datum      WGS84
Telescope Dobsonian
Aperture   30 cm
Seeing     Steady Clear
Camera Type  Visual         Other
Camera Delay 0.5
Timing     Eye-Ear + time signal Visual, PE applied
Disappearance  11:20:07.70
Reappearance   11:20:08.50
Comments: Timing was by audio recorder + NTP time reference (iPhone app Emerald Time) with 1PPS audio ticks.


Observer   Dave Gault
Location   Kuriwa Observatory, NSW, AU
Longitude  +150:38
Latitude   -33:39
Altitude   286 m
Datum      WGS84
Telescope SCT including Cass and Mak
Aperture   30 cm
Seeing     Steady Clear
Camera Type  Grasshopper Express with ADVS              ADVS
Camera Delay 0
Timing     GPS - time inserted Video with frame analysis




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