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OCCULTATION OF USNOA2 0900-00814908 BY 90377 Sedna
2013 January 13

A 4.5 minute occultation was recorded by Joseph Brimacombe, using CCD camera technique.

View the Occult prediction.

View the Bruno Sicardy Prediction.

 1    J Brimacombe,Cairns,NT, AU


The star is too faint to feature in our normal catalogs so Occult is not able to plot the event.


With only one chord it is not possible to determine whether Joe was north or south of the central line of the event. However, given that the expected maximum chord was 84 seconds, a 270 second evnt would suggest that the the actual size of Sedna may be much bigger than previously thought.

The figure below shows the light curve of the occultation.

Sedna occultation - 2013 January 13

Observational Data:

Observation details for MP ( 90377 ) Sedna
By Star              USN 20900-0814908
On 2013-01-13  at 12:25:54.0


Observer   Joseph Brimacombe
Location   Coral Towers Observatory, Cairns,NT, AU
Longitude  +145:45
Latitude   -16:54
Altitude   10 m
Datum      WGS84
Aperture   cm
Seeing     Steady Clear
Camera Type  CCD            Other
Camera Delay 30
Disappearance  12:23:30.00
Reappearance   12:28:00.00
Comments: Had a go at imaging it from Cairns 1000 km below the predicted 3 sigma
error line and witnessed it blinking out at 12 hr 24 min.
The animation comprises 29 x 60 sec frames taken with a 41-cm RCOS
and STL6K camera plus IR filter. Here's the  link 


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