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OCCULTATION OF HIP 83014 BY 32497 2000 XF18
2012 July 04

Three clearly observed misses were recorded for this event.

View the updated prediction.

  1(M) W Hanna,Alice Springs, Australia
  2(M) A Pennell,NZ,Dunedin 9011 NZ
  3(M) P Jaquiery,Waitati (near Dunedin), NZ
  4(P) Prediction, 6 June


2000 XF18 occultation - 2012 July 04


The circle above is plotted at the expected 10 km diameter of 2000 XF18. With no positive chords we cannot say where the actual path was, so the circle has been plotted on the predicted path.

Observational Data:

Observation details for MP ( 32497 ) 2000 XF18
By Star              HIP 83014
On 2012-07-04  at 12:47:45.0


Observer   William Hanna
Location   Alice Springs, Australia
Longitude  +133:53
Latitude   -23:42
Altitude   581 m
Datum      WGS84
Telescope SCT including Cass and Mak
Aperture   20 cm
Seeing     Steady Clear
Camera Type  WAT120N+       PAL/CCIR
Camera Delay 0.05
Timing     GPS - time inserted Video with frame analysis


Comments: near-full moon


Observer   A Pennell
Location   Beverly Begg Obs, Dunedin,NZ,Dunedin 9011 New Zealand
Longitude  +170:29
Latitude   -45:52
Altitude   193 m
Datum      WGS84 (Kiwi)
Telescope Celestron
Aperture   35 cm
Seeing     Slight flickering Thin cloud
Camera Type
Camera Delay
Timing     GPS Kiwi Time inserted  Video Video with frame analysis


Comments: :also Mike Broughton


Observer   Peter Jaquiery
Location   Waitati (near Dunedin), NZ
Longitude  +170:32
Latitude   -45:46
Altitude   62 m
Datum      WGS84
Telescope SCT including Cass and Mak
Aperture   25 cm
Seeing     Steady Thin cloud < 2
Camera Type
Camera Delay 0
Timing     other Preliminary only


Comments: Difficult observation (iced up telescope!) but reasonably confident
there was no event.
Location was S 45 46.0317 E 170 32.8605
Report prepopulated by IOTA Reporting Add-in for OW ver.1.6


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